Centramatic Continuous Propeller Balancers

Centramatic Propeller Balancers

For More Information Contact:
Gabriel Alvarado - Propeller Balancer Development Manager (469) 670-2793

Coming Soon: Continuous Propeller Balancers

Once & Done! Mounts on the propeller flange and continuously balances the propeller at ALL RPM's.

Centramatic Continous Propeller Balancers
Pilot Bob Macnicol Smooth Plane Ride

Pilot: Bob Macnicol
Airplane: Rutan Long-EZ, N93DJ
"Smooth as a jet through all phases of flight and All RPM's."

Pilot Kevin Crews VANS RV-6 No More Shaking

Pilot: Kevin Crews
Airplane: Vans RV-6, N816KC
"I noticed right away upon cranking the engine. At idle I always have had to idle up a bit to make the instrument panel stop shaking. That shaking of the instrument panel is gone!"

Pilot Larry McClure Exceptionally smooth propeller

Pilot: Larry McClure
Airplane: Vans RV-7A, N2120V
"I find that the propeller appears exceptionally smooth and we've eliminated the vibrations I perceived before the balancer was installed."

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