Company History

Established in 1985

Company History

CENTRAMATIC, established in 1985, began by supplying the heavy-duty trucking industry in the United States and Canada with a unique “On-Board” balancing system for steer, drive and trailer axles. In the late 1980’s, CENTRAMATIC acquired Perma-Balance, a company that manufactured balancers for light-duty vehicles and automobiles. Their products were well known having been distributed by companies such as Montgomery Wards and Sears. This acquisition gave CENTRAMATIC a complete line of products from cars to pick-ups and as large as 18 wheelers. Over the years, business has grown to over 2500 dealers nationwide and some very prominent distributors as well. Paccar Parts (Kenworth and Peterbilt), Freightliner, Speedco’s, TruckPro’s, Petro’s, Travel Centers of America, Goodyear Commercial Tire Centers, TDS, GCR Tire Centers and Love’s Truck Tire Care are just some of the names you know and trust.

Building on the success with the heavy-duty market, CENTRAMATIC introduced balancers for recreational vehicle applications in the early 90’s. In 2001, new developments included balancers for Prevost and MCI coaches, new designs for 19.5” wheels and balancers specifically designed for the Detroit “Life-Cycle” school buses manufactured by Thomas Built. New designs and developments are a large part of CENTRAMATIC’S efforts to improve our products and remain on the leading edge of this technology. The year 2001 also brought about developments and the manufacture of balancers for large (over 5 feet in diameter) centrifuges and similar types of equipment.

In 2004, Centramatic began development of APU’s, air conditioning and heating systems specifically for use in the trucking industry. Use of such systems for cab comfort and convenience comply with anti-idling laws and use roughly 75% less fuel as compared to idling the trucks primary engine. Increasing air quality legislation and local enforcement, coupled with soaring fuel costs have greatly increased APU demand.

Development of Balancers for European Trucks and Buses began in 2005. Balancers designed to mount outboard and incorporating lug nut cover/dirt guards required in countries were introduced in 2007 increasing market potential. The 2 in 1 product satisfies a need in areas where the use of lead weights are becoming banned. Centramatic has expanded its presence with International Distributors in Europe, Middle East, Australia and South America.

The year 2009 saw Centramatic release an “On-Board” Balancing System for motorcycle balancers; Honda GL1800, Harley Davidson, Victory and Indian Brands.

Centramatic introduced a Professional Grade Diesel Fuel Additive in 2011. The Centramatic Fuel additive is the most highly concentrated formula on the market with 96% active ingredients. The year round use formula has anti-gel, algae control, water dispersant, cetane boost and lubricates cylinders, rings, fuel pumps and injectors.

Whatever the future holds, depend on CENTRAMATIC – “THE WORLD LEADER IN BALANCING TECHNOLOGY”.

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