Fleet Guarantee Program

Guaranteed 25% increase in tire life!

The World Leader in Balancing Technology!

The new Centramatic Fleet Guarantee Program is the single most effective way to increase tire life and reduce drive & steer component maintenance than any other factor a fleet operation can do.

The program is simple!

Purchase and install Centramatic Balancers on ALL axles. If you don’t see at least a 25% increase in tire life, you can return your Centramatic Balancers purchased through the Centramatic Fleet Guarantee Program and receive a full refund.

For nearly the cost of one tire you can outfit all three axles on a truck!

  • 2-4% Increase in fuel economy can be realized because rolling resistance is reduced.
  • Guaranteed 25% increase in tire life.
  • Reduced maintenance costs on steer and drive components.
  • Improved “Driver Retention” because truck rides significantly better.

Call Mike Hagar at 800-523-8473 for a customized estimate of how much you can save!

Enter your own numbers and see how much you could save:

# of Tires Cost Per Tire Amount
Annual Steer Tires
Annual Drive Tires
Total Drives and Steers
Centramatic Minimum Guarantee 25%
Total Savings =
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