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I am writing to you about your product. Last month my tire man informed me that the steer tires were at the limit for the tread depth. We pulled them and you can imagine my surprise when we checked the mileage and found they had run 242,849 miles. The only variation in procedure was Centramatic Balancers.
- Tar Hell Banana Co.

We have installed Centramatics on most all of our company trucks. Our tire mileage has almost tripled on the steer tires. We are now getting about 22,000 miles per 32nd. We have installed them on the drives of the tractors and we got 443,000 miles . With the price of fuel we must make all the adjustments we can. Everyone at Gene Hyde Trucking highly recommend the Centramatic Wheel Balancers, they truly do the job....
- Gene Hyde Trucking

It is this letter that Locomote Systems Inc. would like to acknowledge Centramatic Wheel Balancers for their line of On Board Balancing Systems. It has maximized the life of our tires on trucks and increased the smoothness of the ride. It is without a doubt we would recommend Centramatic Wheel Balancers to any Fleet or individual looking to reduce maintenance and down time of their vehicles....
- Locomote Systems, Inc.

I put an FL70 Freightliner equipped as an over-the-road expediter in service in Jan 1999. It needed a set of steering tires, which I replaced, had the front aligned and put on a set of Centramatic Balancers. The tire I gave to Jerry had 217,520 miles and measure 14/32”. After installing Centramatic the results were immediate. Vibration, steering response, tire wear, Thanks……
- Al Arnold O/O

This letter is to let you know what a great prouct you have. We have been buying the balancers for a long time and have had great success with them on our steer tires. So I thought it might cure our trailer hopping problem. Guess what, it is helping us to actually wear out the tires. This has been one of those products that has exceeded expectations and it’s nice to have a product that does what it says. I have been completely satisfied with the balancers and we are glad we went ahead and made the investment....
- RM Car Transport

We began using the Centramatic Balancers on the drive axles to eliminate team driver’s complaints of vibration, which solved the problem. Drivers immediatley reported the drastic improvement! Our tire life also improved on the steer tires as well and are pleased with the increase in tire life and smooth ride.....
- Johnny Luttrell, Fort Worth Carriers

I would like to thank your company for improving the ride control in my one-ton-dually truck. The Centramatic Balancers took away the vibration and makes for a smoother ride. I also have them on my 4 horse Elite horse trailer. So not only am I less stressed and tired, but the life of my tires has doubled, and my horses are more relaxed and ready to compete…..”17 times All Around PWRA Professional Women’s Rodeo Association World Champion.” …..
- J.J. Hampton

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