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Learn more about the benefits of being "Always Balanced".

In this video, Fred Harmon shows you how to install the Centramatic Wheel Balancers for the 2018+ Gold Wing.

Using Centramatic 400-409 balancers designed for DRW trucks, on SRW pickups with 20 inch wheels. These balancers have 16 ounces of balancing media!

Introduction and basic function explanation about Centramatic Wheel Balancers for light trucks.

"Great product and improved the ride immediately! Kicking myself for not buying these 2 years ago!" - Daniel

Increase tire life and reduce vibration with Centramatic Balancers!

Installing Centramatics on a Steer Axle

Installing Centramatics on a Drive Axle

Trailer Installation

2 min 50 sec

Installing Centramatics on a Trailer

What are those?

12 min 9 sec

Centramatic Balancing Rings on a F450!

Do They Work?

6 min 7 sec

Centramatic 400 mile F450 Update!

See if you can pick the condenser coil machines equipped with Centramatic Balacing Rings...

My Biggest Fear

1 min 48 sec

In this video, Centramatic customer Rex Rexroat discusses how Centramatic continuous balancers allow him to avoid multiple trips to get his tires balanced and give him a smoother ride than he has ever had before.

Watch Team Run Smart Pro Henry Albert talk about how to properly dial in your truck for optimal performance.

Rick Arnoldo, President and founder of reviews Centramatic Wheel Balancers.

Learn the causes of wheel assembly out of balance and how to select the correct Centramatic wheel balancer part number for your application. Also, demonstration of the keys to proper installation procedures.

In this short video, see a demo of how Centramatic Balancers keep you "Always Balanced".

Centramatic has engineered, patented, produced, time tested and proven "On-Board" wheel balancers that will constantly balance your complete wheel assembly (Hub, Drum, Wheel, Tire) PERMANENTLY for the life of your trucks and trailers.

Learn the consequences of imbalance and how Centramatic wheel balancers combat this issue.

Customer Testimonials

7 min 22 sec

Hear what real Centramatic customers have to say about our wheel balancers.

Honda Goldwing GL 1800

7 min 10 sec

View installation of a Centramatic Balancer on a Honda Goldwing GL 1800


9 min 24 sec

View installation of a Centramatic Balancer on a Victory motorcycle

Harley Davidson

11 min 58 sec

View installation of a Centramatic Balancer on a Harley Davidson motorcycle

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