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The World Leader in Balancing Technology!

The Centramatic solution is simple! Weights in Centramatic's aluminum balancing ring move opposite of out of balance points with wheel rotation by centrifugal force, at any speed. The wheel is dynamically and statically balanced at all times. Old fashioned lead weights are attached and can't move.

Large commercial fleets consistently increases in tire tread life up to 50% and elimination of tire hopping from out of balance wheels. When the vehicle is retired, Centramatic's Balancers can transfer to the new vehicle. No obsolescence here! Satisfaction is assured with a 5 year, limited, nationwide warranty and a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Centramatic has had the privilege of having their "On-Board" Balancers tested and evaluated by two of the most respected research organizations in the Country: Auburn University's National center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) and Speed Measurement Laboratories, In.c (SML). At NCAT's facilities the effects on tire mileage and cab vibration were evaluated. Since operating temperature is critical to the endurance life of a tire, SML assessed the validity of Centramatic's ability to decrease this devilitating condition.

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